The Yak Shave

The Yak Shave

Each week our hosts will discuss their development experiences. We'll talk about Ruby, Rust, Go, and anything else that has drawn our interest this week. Subscribe below to be notified when new episodes are published!

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    6: The Podcast After the Last Podcast

    This week Sean is joined by former cohost Derek Prior. After a brief reflection on the end of The Bike Shed, we discuss WebAssembly and what it means for the future of the web as well as native sandboxing. Finally, we catch up on what Derek has been doing since leaving The Bike Shed.

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    5: A Series of Anecdotes

    In this episode, Sean and Sam discuss the challenges of feedback cycles in organizations, how we could benefit from more feedback in open source, and some idiosyncrasies regarding libcurl and the HTTP/1.1 specification.

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    4: Folks are in a Stink

    In this episode of The Yak Shave, Sean gets Sam's opinion on dealing with documentation. They share tips, tricks, and workarounds regarding queryable structures, databases, APIs, languages, documentation, and more to address these users. Then, Sean offers Sam advice on how to debug a Ruby issue surrounding database CPU usage.

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    3: Almost 0% Chance it's a Bug

    In this episode of The Yak Shave, Sean shares the most nightmarish debugging experience he has had in a long time. rails_fast_attributes was down to one failure, which manifested itself as a test where a query was expected to run 269 times, but only ran 265 times. After testing, troubleshooting, and finding the root cause, he determined that it was actually behaving completely fine.

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    2: This is Fine

    In this episode of The Yak Shave, Sean and Sam discuss their experiences with incident management, the difficulties of getting an on-call rotation right.

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    1: A Brave New World

    In the inaugural episode of The Yak Shave, Sam and Sean discuss the complexities of asynchronous background jobs, when it's appropriate for an application, and the challenges involved with building a job queue from scratch.